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Work In Progress - 85% done. Platform: iOS (C++ STK).


Bezdee is the oldest project i'm working on at free time. Game is an old skool side scroller/shoter. Graphics is almost done. There are also sound effects and complete soundtrack - chiptunes made by Wiklund. So - what is missing? The levels. Each world(planet) has five different stages. In most cases only one is complete. Also the fights with bosses are missing (for all worlds). Game is written in pure C++ and uses STK engine. Was tested on PC, iOS and Android devices. I'm going to finish this project, but focus only on the apple platform. It's the most advanced project i'm working on, and the on with non-zero (currently zero = fully consumed) budget. Here's also an old (from 2011) video from the game running on iPhone3 (!!!)