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Wheels & Fire is an unique spanish arcade racing game released in '90s by company called TCH.

Few years ago i have contacted Antonio 'Peluko' Carrillo - programmer and game designer of both Reality Tennis and Wheels & Fire. He has provided tons of usefull info about the w&f hardware and the game code. The first, big improvement is (a bit buggy) sound emulation. I'm going to rewrite the whole video hw emulation of w&f, and disable all hacks and precalculated zoom tables. Quite challenging, but worth the effort.

Game is running on custom, blitter based hardware (sprites + framebuffer layer with linescroll feature, and sprite-to-framebuffer rendering mode ). I have made a lot of changes/improvements lately, but there's still a lot to do:

- proper image scaling - quite weird (close to hardware, i think) way to draw scaled images. for more details pls scroll down to the end of this post.
- framebuffer (various problems)
- sound - not emulated yet (2nd 68k + samples)

Here's few pics from the MAME emulator: