Welcome to my personal website!
My name is Tomasz Slanina. I'm currently working as iOS tech leader.
You can find here informations about my (past, and present) activities.

What's new:

27-04-2019 Updated the article about Mirage Software
16-04-2019 Added videos from my new 256 byte intros for ZX Spectrum
30-03-2019 Rearranged the 'articles' section and added a new short one about the Game Boy CPU
22-01-2019 New color scheme and changes in layout of the website.
25-12-2018 An article (.pl only) about my past work @ Mirage
15-10-2018 New iOS project - NOW or LATER
30-08-2018 Added info about emulation of an old (1982) spanish arcade game Nightmare
17-01-2018 Made few changes to Projects page. Added informations abut (available for free on Appstore) ShellTRI and KaeM
23-04-2017 Resumed work on M.A.M.E. drivers. Time Attacker at start!
20-04-2017 Released to public one of my development tools - ShellTRI ( 2D triangle-based editor with VBO data export). More to come!
23-03-2017 Started to upload old sources to github. Check programming section for more details.
18-12-2016 Added some news and updates to the emulation section. Mostly about the "Future Flash" emulation status.
07-12-2016 Updated the portfolio section with info about my on-commercial projects.
21-10-2016 Added meteroi to projects section.
17-09-2016 Rearranged portfolio. The non-commercial projects are still missing.
11-09-2016 New layout and colorset.

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